The areas listed below are outside the town of Crested Butte and are considered Rural Crested Butte. These Rural Crested Butte areas have different building codes, HOA structures and design guidelines.

Whetstone Mountain Ranch HOA declarations, covenants and plat map
Whetstone Vista HOA design guidelines and covenants
Allen Homesites HOA covenants
Danni Ranch HOA design guidelines and covenants
Butte Pastures HOA Declarations and Covenants
East River Ranches HOA Declarations and Covenants
Hidden Mine Ranch HOA Declarations and Covenants
Hidden River Ranch HOA Bylaws, Covenants, Design Guidelines, Protective Covenants, Rules and Regulations
Larkspur HOA Covenants, Design Guidelines and Plat Map

Rural Crested Butte Condo Complexes:
Cement Creek Condo HOA Amendments and Declarations
River Rim HOA Covenants and Design Guidelines
Stallion Park Condos HOA Declarations, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations
Teocalli Town homes HOA Declarations
Trey Van  HOA and Declarations