Help Your Clients Deal With Fall Spruce-ups

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One of the annual routines for home maintenance is taking some time in the fall to make sure yards are in good shape. Inevitably, there’ll be some yard waste to dispose of. This is a great time to check in with your clients and prospects and help them follow local best practices.

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First, remind them there’s no substitute for verifying local laws themselves — however long your clients have been in their homes, laws may have changed since their last cleanup. Larger cities and towns may have a general number that residents call for assistance on all matters, including this; in other areas, home owners can start by contacting the local sanitation department. Cities and towns will often take yard waste and convert it to mulch for local parks and other areas. But there may be a limit to how much they’ll take.

If local dumps accept yard waste material, your customers can call them to check on requirements. Home owners with trucks may find this the easiest option. The dump may charge a fee; remind your contacts to check on that.

Home owners whose yard waste may include heavy items might consider renting a chipper. While they can cost as much as $400 per day, they convert most waste items into mulch that owners can use for their yards. If they’re hesitant to use a chipper themselves, they can often hire a crew, who’ll either handle the chipper themselves or simply bring the yard waste to an appropriate disposal spot, whether the dump or a recycling center.

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